Wedding Cakes Tips

Winter wedding cake artisans create happy, because the orders would flow with various models and different tastes demanded. Sich anything to do to be able to decorate cakes that look proportional Bride and have attractive aesthetics? Follow these tips:
Wedding cake decorating tips overlap:

1. For the first, size of these cakes start at the bottom dibagian diameter 40cm, 30cm level two, level three-20cm, and 15cm at the top.
2. Wedding cake decorated with Butter Cream all with details as follows: Each apartment is Butter Cream Flush techniques, and then stacked in sequence.
3. At the bottom, begin to make a pattern using the stick first and then fill with the motive to satisfy all Connely shading pattern early, and then given a list no.4 edge using syringes to clarify the motive patterns. Based cake, covered with shells comma (syringe no. 22), seized a small comma (syringes no.4), and carvings
4. Comma above (syringe no.4)
5. Compile the second, using a plastic triangle (piping bag), cut a little tip, then the cake formed spuitkan circle motif and a small carved separately.
6. Compile the third, help lines created first, then fill with small shells using a syringe no.4.
7. At each connection between the bottom cake with it, shut down small shells using syringes No.15.
8. Alas plywood used is 50cm diameter, using a 10cm difference in principle.
9. After all neatly decorated wedding cake, place the flowers decorations cake dipuncak bride.
10. Arrange so that the wedding cake looked beautiful and elegant. Before putting the flowers, it's worth the predetermined look ahead.

wedding cakes samples
wedding cakes samples

simple wedding cakes
simple wedding cakes

elegant wedding cakes
elegant wedding cakes

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