short wedding hairstyles

short wedding hairstyles
short wedding hairstyles
short wedding hairstylesshort wedding hairstyles

Short hair can look chic and sophisticated on your wedding day. Rather than opting for a dramatic style change, which you may live to regret when looking back at photos, embrace what you have. Your wedding style should be a more polished, groomed version of your usual style and highlight your best features. When deciding how to wear your short hair on your wedding day, think about the dress, theme and overall feel of the wedding to ensure your style is complementary. Regardless of how you choose to wear your hair, remember that tiaras, flowers and rhinestone slides all add instant glamour to shorter hair.

A short, sleek, sophisticated style with side-swept bangs is simple yet glamorous. This type of style will stay intact throughout the day, looking fabulous in your photographs. A blow-dry and the correct products will ensure your short style is full of shine and body. Creating volume at the back of the hair adds interest and contrasts with the straight, sweeping side bangs. Use a heat protection spray before blow-drying, and finish your style with a small amount of hair serum to bring out your natural shine.

A bob is ideal for shorter hair but offers enough length to give you versatility in styling. Think about your hair type and work with it instead of against it. For example, if your hair has a natural wave, accentuate this by adopting a tousled, wavy look that can be styled using a curling iron. Add interest into your bob by having your stylist cut layers into your hair. Experiment with styling your bob well in advance of the wedding to avoid last-minute problems.

Although many people believe shorter hair can not be styled into an updo, you may be surprised to discover what a stylist can do. By pinning back tiny sections of hair, it is possible to create the illusion of longer hair. More importantly, a faux updo can look elegant and offer an alternative to wearing your shorter hair down. Carefully arranged knots around the nape of the neck or toward the crown can give the look of a twisted updo.

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